6 Exhibition Stand Trends 2019

In 2019, the world of exhibitions will be filled with even more possibilities for exhibitors and their stands. This article looks at a few trends that we will see at exhibitions in 2019 and that you can use to enhance your exhibition stands this year.


  1. Customer-Centric Design


In 2019, you should focus on enhancing the customer journey so that every element of your stand is relevant to your customer and how they can benefit from visiting your stand.

Design your exhibition stand by stepping into your audience’s shoes and seeing through their eyes to think about what they want and need from your stand. Your stand’s design, information, and experiences should be tailored to them.

Put your audience first to assess how your business’s products and services are meeting their needs and solving their problems. This should be the first step in designing your exhibition stand. Focus on the customer as your stand should be targeted at and built around them.


  1. Multi-Sensory Experience


Exhibition stands in 2019 will move beyond the limitations of sight and sound and aim to incorporate all five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Appealing to multiple senses will enhance the user experience and encourage visitors to connect with your brand in different ways.

From using atmospheric sounds and music to exciting films and sights to utilising a variety of textures and materials, offering free food samples, or incorporating unique scents and smells into your stand, creating a multi-sensory experience will draw attention, engage visitors, and make your brand more memorable.


  1. VR


VR, or virtual reality, has been a popular bit of technology in trade shows and exhibitions for a while, but it is becoming much more accessible to more and more business that can utilise its potential this year.

VR is a great way for prospects to interact with your brand beyond a sales pitch or conversation that will attract prospects and create a more engaging and immersive experience with your brand. Be creative to create a fun, educational, entertaining, and memorable experience using virtual reality on your stand.


  1. Comfort


Walking around all day at a trade show can be exhausting and tiring. Simply creating a space away from the crowds, sales pitches, and presentations where prospects can escape the exhibition, relax, and reflect on their day can be highly effective at attracting visitors.

Incorporating an inviting and relaxing space into your exhibition stand such as a lounge area with sofas and phone charging stations can bring people into your booth and get them to stay there. Adding some of your branding and products into this space can be a subtle, understated, and indirect way to engage visitors.


  1. Lighting


Lighting is not new to exhibition stand design but is being used in new and exciting ways in 2019 to enhance a space. Lighting can be used to create the right ambience and atmosphere, showcase and highlight certain areas, displays, and products, and draw interest and catch eyes.

An exhibition space can truly be transformed with correct and clever use of light and shadow, and this year we will see some very inventive ways of doing so.


  1. Pre, During, and Post-Show Contact


Pre, during, and post-show contact is something every marketer should be doing in 2019 to get the most from their exhibition. This integrated and consistent marketing approach will help you to maintain engagement throughout the whole customer journey and nurture both existing customers and new leads.

Contact your audience before the event to expand reach and raise brand awareness that you will be exhibiting. You can do this through email or social media to highlight products you will be showcasing, presentation timings, and location.

Social media can also be used during the show by encouraging attendees to use your company’s branded hashtags for social sharing. To increase post-show contact, you can use social media and email to follow up leads, thank attendees for visiting you, and gain feedback for future shows.


Exhibition Stand Trends 2019


These are the trends that we will see at exhibitions in 2019. From customer-centric design, multi-sensory design, and VR to comfort, lighting, and pre, during, and post-show contact, apply these trends to enhance your exhibition stand this year.

For more top tips on exhibition stand trends and how we can help you design a stand for an exhibition in 2019, get in touch with Open Exhibitions today – we are experts in designing and building creative exhibition stands and vibrant event environments.