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Six Technologies That Will Make Your Exhibition Stand More Interactive

  1. AR

AR or augmented reality can make your exhibition stand more immersive for visitors and prospects. This technology allows you to integrate computer-generated images with the real world to create an interactive experience.

Users point their screen at a product and it is transformed into an exciting, informative, and entertaining experience on their phone. You can encourage your audience to engage with your products or services in different ways and in doing so bring your brand to life.


  1. Video

Video is a simple technology that continues to be effective at exhibitions. Eye-catching visuals can attract visitors and draw attention to your stand.

You can be really creative with moving images and use it to showcase your products, tell your brand story, or share exclusive content to start a conversation and increase leads and conversions.


  1. Social

Social media is a basic everyday technology that can be utilised to make your exhibition stand more interactive and engaging for visitors and demonstrates how you can integrate both online and offline techniques into your exhibition marketing strategy.

You could live stream your event on Twitter or Facebook to broaden your audience to those not attending the exhibition. You should also use hashtags to encourage social sharing around the event to increase brand awareness and give visitors a platform to interact directly with your business.


  1. Interactive Screens

Incorporating interactive screens into your exhibition stand will make your users’ experience more immersive. You could use touch screens which visitors can use to learn more about your products, services, or projects. Or why not use a dynamic drag and drop photo wall or photo booth.

Interactive displays and panels with digital touchpoints can also be used on walls and floors to send important information to visitors with just a touch. There are many possibilities with interactive screens to increase interaction with your exhibition stand.


  1. Triggered Technologies

Triggered technologies can capture the attention of visitors to your stand and create excitement around your brand. Triggered technologies use sensors embedded in your stand to trigger an action.

A movement like a visitor walking past a certain place on your stand triggers a sensor that can either start a video, turn on a light display, play a sound, or activate a special effect. This encourages interaction with your stand and improves visitor engagement.


  1. Mobile Apps

Building your own exclusive mobile app for your exhibition can encourage interaction and engagement before, during, and after the event.

You can send visitors and customers relevant information and messages about products, services, and exclusive promotions, as well as real-time event information and schedules for presentations and demos. This boosts communication with visitors and improves the event experience.

Try out these technologies to make your exhibition stand more interactive. From AR and video to social media, interactive screens, triggered technologies and mobile apps, technology can help make your exhibition stand attract visitors, start a conversation, create a memorable user experience, and engage with customers.

For more top tips on using technology in your exhibition stand or making your stand more interactive, get in touch with Open Exhibitions today – we are experts in designing and building creative exhibition stands and vibrant event environments.

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