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Welcome to Open Exhibitions, we are one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand designers.

We deliver quick to construct, flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable environments for high profile events.


We design, build, and project manage the delivery of, large scale event spaces for leading brands.

Our full service (design, project management, construction, and logistics) helps keep event organising straightforward, whilst our unique system and innovative approach delivers creative, fully bespoke, event spaces quickly and cost effectively.




● A team with agency and event production backgrounds.
● Pitch support including design and visuals without charge.
● Transparent and detailed quotations.
● Unique system for quick-build large scale environments.



Designed for event organisers and agencies who want a more open and modern environment, we offer unique next-generation exhibition stand solutions.

Our structures are very different from anything else on the market – see the unique features below.


So why not get a quote today?

our event work

Below we have a small selection of our event work – from exhibtion stands to bars, or click the button to get in contact – we love to chat!

Commonwealth Games

Inside you’ll find examples of our work with the Commonwealth Games. We’d love to answer any questions you may have, or chat about your next project.


Inside you’ll find examples of our recent work with Adidas. We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have, or chat about your specific requirements.


Inside you’ll find examples of our work with Playstation. We’d love to answer any questions you may have, or chat about your next project.

Bars - Royal Ascot

Open Exhibition would love to help with your next outside event bar or hospitality project. Take a look at what we offer!

Event Scheme

Inside you’ll find examples of various stand structures for events. We’d love to answer any questions you may have, or chat about your next project.


Inside you’ll find examples of our recent work with Oracle. We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have, or chat about your specific requirements.


Inside you’ll find examples of our recent work with YouTube. We’d love to answer any questions you may have, or chat about your future projects.

Display walling

Open Exhibitions make the perfect partner for all your display walling requirements. Our unique system is quick to assemble whilst offering a flawless surface for graphics or display application.

Open events

Key features
Our event spaces are a superb option for agencies or organisers who want a creative, bespoke appearance, covering a large area, built quickly. Utilising a unique, fully clad system supplemented with custom built elements,  our large scale environments are extremely quick to construct, flexible, cost effective, and sustainable.

Elements that we are often asked for include:

  • Creative walling – curved and straight up to 5m high
  • Exhibitions stand pods
  • Lightbox stands
  • Display walling – incorporating showcases where required.
  • Retail areas
  • Bars and food service areas
  • Lounge areas
  • Seminar and presentation areas
  • Experiential and themed areas

And all feature:

  • In-house design and visualisation free of charge.
  • A fully bespoke custom build look and finish at a lower cost.
  • Exceptional cost-effectiveness for multi-use and large areas.
  • Quick to erect curved and straight walling (up to 5m high) to create large environments quickly.
  • Unique graphics friendly surfaces with no visible aluminium or ceiling grids.
  • A team rooted in event production that fully understands the unique requirements of the sector.
  • Unrivalled sustainability.
Open Service

Our service is designed to make events as straight forward as possible, and typically covers design, project management, artwork, graphics, construction, transport and logistics.

Operating from a 20,000sq ft unit in the heart of the UK, we have sufficient stock to deliver the largest event spaces and our policy of not undertaking a large volume of work at any one time, also ensures we are able to deliver the same with a very high level of personal service to our clients.

We manage multi-event event programs, building and storing event environments that can be re-used and re-configured for different sizes and locations.

At Open, we are passionate about the service we provide, you will find our entire team, extremely experienced, flexible, and great to work with, and by always having immediate access to a Director of the company, you can be sure of the quick resolution of any issues that may arise.

Open Pricing

We share many of our clients frustrations at the cost of organising events and do all we can to help minimise your costs.

Our innovative focus on multi-use components means our event spaces require less labour, material, and refurbishment, and the bigger the space or the more times it is used, the greater the savings become.

We are most cost effective when building larger event environments, or where organisers have a multi-event program (typically we can achieve savings in excess of 25%), yet you’ll also find us extremely competitive for smaller areas.

Many costs though, are from third parties. We seek to drive these down wherever possible and show them clearly on our quotations and invoices. You’ll find our pricing transparent and competitive, and our quotations detailed and fully inclusive.

We will always seek to deliver your event space at minimum cost and to do so we follow a few simple guidelines –

  • Where we work with other specialist contractors we do so willingly and without mark-up.
  • We use local labour where the logistics cost savings outweighs the efficiency benefits derived from using our own men.
  • Plan all transport to minimise costs whist maximizing certainty, including using secure holding areas where beneficial.
  • Design components for maximum reusability and longevity.
  • Specify finishes that best suit the specification at lowest cost.
  • Make extensive use of pre-wired plug and play electrics.
Open Sustainable Exhibiting

One of our key motivations is to offer innovative stands that can be re-used time and again in differing formats at different venues, sustainable events that meet the needs of the present and future generations.

Our hybrid designs have many environmental advantages, clearly the greatest of which is extensive re-use of assets without design compromise.

Modular components are light and efficient to transport enabling us to use the smallest vehicles possible in order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Our lighting and electrical systems use modern efficient LED technology to minimise our carbon footprint, and all components, cables, plugs, lights, connectors and distribution boxes are pre-assembled and re-usable.

As a result, our event environments deliver the best of both worlds, a fully bespoke appearance that’s quick to build, flexible, cost effective and sustainable, with finishes that match or exceed those of traditional construction.

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