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Five Ways To Attract More Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

  1. Eye-Catching Design


Attracting more visitors to your stand starts with making a visual impact. Creating a stand with a striking and eye-catching design that is visible from everywhere in the exhibition hall will ensure you stand out and create a great impression that makes visitors take notice and want to visit your stand to learn more about your business.

Create an eye-catching design by:

  • Using bold branding, typography, and graphics to grab attention.
  • Showcasing your products and services clearly.
  • Making sure your brand name is highly visible and easy to read.
  • Using lighting to create the right mood and atmosphere.
  • Considering stand layout to create an inviting and welcoming space.
  • Clearly and concisely highlighting key messaging, taglines, and benefits.
  • Using high-quality, relevant, and thought-provoking images.


  1. Demos & Events

Attract more visitors to your stand with an exciting demonstration, event, game, activity, presentation, guest speaker, Q&A session, seminar, workshop, exclusive product launch, or product sample session.

These demos and events help you gain the interest of passersby, engage with visitors, and start a conversation with attendees. They bring people to your exhibition stand for a purpose and generate a busy and vibrant stand atmosphere.

Not only this, they enable you to highlight the features and benefits of your product or service, demonstrate how you can solve the audience’s problem, and give visitors a chance to learn more about your brand, whilst adding intrigue and excitement around your stand.


  1. Technology

Technology is an effective way to capture and maintain the attention of passersby. There is a whole range of different technologies including video, AR, VR, games, interactive screens and panels, i-pads and tablets, and triggered technology that can be incorporated into your stand to showcase your business, products, and services in more interactive and experiential ways.

Technology will make your stand more intriguing, immersive, and engaging to attract more visitors to your stand and draw them in for a closer look, to learn more, or to have a go.


  1. Time-Out Space

Exhibitions can be tiring and exhausting for attendees as they are constantly bombarded with marketing messages and sales pitches. Giving people a place to escape the buzz and chaos of the exhibition can be highly effective in attracting visitors to your stand.

Create a welcoming environment that gives attendees a place to relax, chill out, and recharge their batteries away from the crowds. Provide your guests with comfortable seating, refreshments such as tea and coffee, phone charging stations, and free, reliable wifi to entice visitors and attract those needing a break.

This will keep visitors hanging around your stand long enough to start a conversation, and, once relaxed, they are more likely to open up, ask about your offering, and respond positively to your brand.


  1. Competition or Giveaway

Creating a giveaway or competition with a fantastic prize can be a great way to attract visitors, promote interaction, and gain more footfall.

The key here is to ensure the prize or giveaway is something that your audience really want, not just another generic and uninspiring pen or mug that visitors receive from every other exhibitor and makes you indistinguishable from the next.

Really understand your audience to determine what’s truly useful and valuable to them and what will resonate the most. You should also make sure the prize is relevant to your brand and aligns with your message. If you figure out what your audience wants, your competition or giveaway can have a great impact and draw the right visitors to your stand who can get excited about your offering.


Try out these 5 ways to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand. For more tips on exhibiting or exhibition stands, get in touch with Open Exhibitions today – we are experts in designing and building creative exhibition stands, modular stands, and vibrant event environments that will draw more attendees to your stand.

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