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Top Tips for Planning Your Exhibition Stand

Your exhibition stand needs to attract prospects, leave an impression, and make an impact with visitors. Follow these tips to plan an exhibition stand that helps your business stand out and achieve your marketing goals.


Goals and Audience

Before we begin designing your exhibition stand, you need to determine your goals and audience for the exhibition. What do you want your stand to achieve and what are your objectives for the exhibition? What messages, values, products and services do you want to communicate with the stand?

You also need to identify your target audience to determine how to design your stand. Focus on their wants and needs and how they would interact with your stand. Understanding your audience will make sure your stand attracts the right people to your business.



When we design your exhibition stand, we will fully utilise the space that you have been allocated for the exhibition. So when planning your stand, don’t use physical barriers as this will minimise the flow of the stand and don’t try to cram loads of features in. Instead, use your space cleverly by thinking about what you want visitors to do at your stand to create an inviting and welcoming stand.



One way to maximise space is by building up and adding height to your exhibition stand. This will increase your visibility and help you get noticed by prospects. Plan the stand to display signage and logos high up so that they catch the eye of customers.



Lighting can really enhance your exhibition stand. Not only can it help visitors clearly view displays and make your stand more visible, but it can also be used to draw browsers to your stand by creating an attractive mood and atmosphere and highlighting important messages, products and areas. We will be creative in using a variety of lights such as spotlights, coloured lights, LEDs, and up lights to showcase your brand.



Materials can effectively portray your brand at your exhibition stand. We’ll experiment with different materials to enhance your marketing message. For example, materials like plastic and metal give a contemporary and modern feel, whilst wood creates a traditional and natural feel. Think about which materials best reflect and represent your brand and the impression you want to create.



You will need to use text on your stand to communicate important messages. However, you should keep text as simple as possible and avoid long sentences and confusing jargon, focusing on simple and concise language to get your message across. No one will read long paragraphs of text, so highlight your key message and include your snappy slogan or tagline, and we’ll make sure the font is clear and easy to read.



Graphics and visuals are very effective at communicating your message and can often be more impactful at capturing prospects’ attention than text. Keep signage simple and focus on your brand colours to keep your exhibition stand consistent with your existing marketing materials. Use high-quality images that are relevant to your stand and in-line with your branding to catch the eyes of your audience.


Interactive Activities

Incorporating interactive elements makes your exhibition stand more engaging for audiences and enables them to really immerse themselves in your brand. We’ll help you get creative with touch screens, VR headsets, videos, live product demonstrations, activities, and presentations to drive attention. Adding sound and visuals and giving audiences something to touch, do and interact with will help you to create an impactful visitor experience that they remember once they’ve left the exhibition.

Follow these top tips for planning your exhibition stand to create a unique stand that stands out and attracts your audience, creates an impact, communicates your message, and achieves your marketing goals.

For more top tips on designing an exhibition stand that stands out, or if you need a stand that makes an impact for your next exhibition, get in touch with Open Exhibitions today – we are experts in designing and building creative exhibition stands and vibrant event environments.

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